April 27, 2013

April, National Poetry Month, is drawing to a close but doesn’t want to. Poetry events continue to multiply. Last week the Louise Bogan Poets presented a marvelous diverse group of readers to share their favorite poems. The crowd was upbeat and interested in the LB Poets’ future events. Mass Poetry Festival will open next week and present workshops, readings, and discussions through the weekend. Sunday at 11AM at the gift shop Sophia’s in Salem MA look for Cathryn Keefe-Ohare, Lee Freedman, Sarah Vickery and LB Poet, MaryEllen Letarte, discussing how to form a poetry group and how to keep it lively while effectively offering critique in a friendly manner.

See you there.



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National Poetry Month

It’s April 17, 2013 and the sun is shining, the buds are budding and all’s well with the world. This is National Poetry Month,  the perfect month to stop and read a poem to yourself or to any loved one who would appreciate hearing a poem. Tomorrow the Louise Bogan Poets will read favorite poems as will others, who, though they do not write poetry, appreciate the lyrical power of spoken poems.

The Lunenburg Library is a lively place – join us for a rollicking good time and maybe, just maybe, you’ll meet a new poet who makes your day.


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Shopping in India

Shopping in India

Too many to choose!

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A Keyhole To Incredible India

Adventures come in many colors and smells in India. Aromas of Masala tea, dirty cows, tumeric and cumin, fresh and not so fresh killed chickens and fish, dyed cloth, dung dust, burnt offerings, purple turbans,  charred wood, engine effluvia, and humidity rising from humanity make for the wonder of India.

Can you imagine road signs and lines that are suggestions not mandates? Cows and dogs who own the right of way? Women in colorful saris weaving among the cars and detritus.  Three wheeled vehicles called autos, carts pulled by men, bicyclists, sedans, children unwashed and homeless pulling at your clothes? Goats, jacketed to bear the cold of 65 degrees. White marble rising up from the smog and brown of a river? Electrical wires hanging over chipped cement buildings? Smiles amidst a mass of humanity pushing for a bit of space when there is none?

Feel the wonder of  the Ganges River. Used for: river trips, puja (blessings),  the ashes of beloved dead ones, drifting lotus lights, the nightly ganga arti ceremony,  raw sewage, and tourism. The Ganges, Mother Ganga, more than all else, is a most sacred place for Hindus.

And who has not heard of The Taj Mahal – a manifestation of a king’s love for his favorite wife? Shah Jahan, met his wife when he was in his teens and married her five years later giving her the title “Mumtaz Mahal” (Jewel of the Palace). When she died after giving birth to their fourteenth child he set out to build a magnificent memorial in her name. Her white  marble tomb, The Taj Mahal, set with precious and semi precious stones, sits on a raised platform surrounded by gardens and fountains. It took twenty years  and thousands of architects, calligraphers, and stone masons to build; once called simply rauza (the tomb), today it is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Think of a memorable place that you have visited and begin to write a poem…

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Finally a snow storm worthy of New England. And although it is categorized as more severe (lower barometric pressure, more snow, more wind) than the storm of ’78 there have been fewer disasters. We are blessed here in Massachusetts since the authorities prepared and we the people stayed off the roads.

I’m preparing for an adventure in South East Asia and plan to take notes for future writing. In the meantime please do save April 18, 2013 for “Read a favorite poem evening) at the Lunenburg Public Library. I love hearing people’s favorites and why they are favorites…

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January 30, 2013

Late though it is: HAPPY NEW YEAR! And a good one it will be. Compromise will rule the day! The first compromise will be with myself – I’ll set aside the repetitive chores that I must complete to keep my “house” in order but I’ll read and write first to get on with my writing goals that keep me centered.

The political machine, the environmental machine, the education machine, the money growing machine – all need to readjust for optimum accomplishment this year. Let’s hope…

And for us, the poets, let’s write what makes our hearts tick with life. We, the Louise Bogan poets, have pushed our unveiling of the Verse-o-matic until National Poetry Month. We will unveil it April 18, 2013. We had the vending machine in the Lunenburg Library but every time we would fill it with candy and poems the patrons would turn the dial and retrieve the poems before it was full. They didn’t read the sign to wait for the unveiling…that’s a good omen – readers like the concept of read a poem and stay sweet.

In any case we need more poems …so send them to the Lunenburg Library, Lunenburg, MA 01462 or to meletarte at yahoo dot com. Also do plan to come and read a favorite poem April 18 at 6:30PM and stay for refreshments.

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Candy and a poem will pop out of Verse-o-matic!

Calling all poets to submit poems for the Louise Bogan Poets’ Verse-o-matic. Your poems will be vended at the Lunenburg (MA) Public Library along with a sweet. E-mail your entries to meletarte@yahoo.com.  Send your best poems that will fit on a quarter piece of a standard sheet of paper with your name and an e-mail address if you’d like a reply from us or from the reader of your poem. See the earlier post for postal submission.

The Verse-o-matic will be unveiled at the Lunenburg Library in January 2013.

Formerly published poems are great – just be sure that you give credit to the publisher. Also do remember that there are many poetry forms that are short and would be perfect for the Verse-o-matic;  for example, the Haiku, the Tritina, the Sonnet, the Cinquain, the Triolet, the Tanka, the Villanelle and others.


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Send a poem for the Verse-O-Matic!

Indian Summer is here in Lunenburg, MA in full force – a magnificent fall day worthy of poetic expression. Today I’m here to give the particulars on submitting a poem for our Verse-O-Matic vending machine.


Your Voice!  Your Word!  Your Poem!

Give your poem a chance to drop out of our vending machine as a free Poem-of-the-Day at the Lunenburg, MA, Library. Instructions and criteria for a verse-o-matic poem:

  1. Send two copies: one with your name and address and e-mail and the other with what identification you would like the public to see. 
  2. Poems must be your own work; if formerly published please acknowledge where the poem was published along with your name and address.
  3. Poems will not be returned but will be acknowledged.
  4. Deadline for submission is December 15, 2012.
  5. Mail your entry to Louise Bogan Poets c/o M.E. Letarte, 260 Lancaster Avenue, Lunenburg, MA 01462
  6. Teens and adults are invited to send their poems. All poems will be reviewed by the Louise Bogan Poets prior to being accepted for distribution.

I look forward to having a mailbox overflowing with fun poems. The Lunenburg Library is pleased to be the Louise Bogan Poets’ first venue for vending poems.


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October 8, 2012

September disappeared in the atmosphere of weddings, funerals, visits with old friends from New Jersey and Florida and, of course, reading and writing poetry about women. My most recent star is Anne Hutchinson, a woman who dared to talk back to the magistrates of The Bay Colony in the seventeenth century. She was banished to a new settlement in Portsmouth (now Rhode Island) and then moved to an area controlled by the Dutch (now New York) to escape the leaders in Boston who were not tolerant of her religious beliefs. The Hutchinson River and Parkway are named in her honor.

The Louise Bogan Poets continue their quest to develop their writing skills. One of the poets, James Maxim, published a romantic-feel-good novel titled Unlikely Paradise. A fun fast read. Bonney Toomey gives excellent advice with her Parenting Forward Blog and Regina McGee writes notes and brochures to help us appreciate travel destinations.

The group is launching a poetry contest to fill a vending machine for poems. Next post I’ll fill in the particulars. The group continues to experiment with individual styles and forms of poetry. Last month poems consisting of one-syllable words were written surprising some members with the ease of it and the interest it garnered.

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August 27, 2012

This summer has been beyond compare. A memorable summer of heat and sunshine enough for swimming, bicycling and writing in the shade of  a maple tree. I swam with my grandchildren while on vacation in New Jersey and swam in Provincetown when I wasn’t writing or reading poetry.

I’ve been writing about women who have caught my fancy such as Mrs. Mary Delaney who began the most important work of her life when she passed the age of seventy and Bathsheba Ruggles Spooner who had her husband murdered. The stories seem to flow but imbuing the poems with some rhythm has been a challenge. I’m looking for some narrative poems that have lyrical beauty. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’ve been reading nursery rhymes to my youngest granddaughters as well as listening to them being read by my eight year old granddaughter. Perhaps that will help my ear to become more attuned to rhythmic poetry. A fun activity in any case.


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