Last Day of June—What happened to May?

Poetry, of course beginning with the Mass. Poetry Festival. I had the opportunity to talk about the Louse Bogan Poets and took full advantage at Sophia’s, a lovely little gift shop in Salem Mass. The audience was pleased to hear bout our verse-o-matic which is being filled again with poems as I write. It will return to the Lunenburg Library until we choose another friendly venue.

During May I also took an online poetry class with Fred Marchant. It was a good perk-me-up and get-to-it push for writing daily. The other poets reminded me that critiquing others’ poetry improves my own. And so went May.

Visiting friends and family is part of all my months. And June was particularly dense with enjoying old friends and family from three generations. I traveled to Maryland to see grandchildren and children and continued on to see a brother in NC and a sister in SC and along the way saw my father’s brother.  Seeing my dear Uncle reminded me of my father and his growing up on a farm that eeked out just enough for thrifty living. My thoughts are percolating to create a poem about the last member of my father’s family.

So in that way June disappeared but I did squeeze in a trip to Provincetown to workshop with Daisy Fried. Our small group revised old poems. It was wonderful to be a small group and receive a great deal of personal attention from our very talented poet and editor, Daisy.

Tomorrow – July!

About versealive

Founder of the Louise Bogan Chapter of the Massachusetts State Poetry Society, grandmother of five budding poets, and married to Richard who writes poems for birthday parties.
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