October the Colorful Month!

The Nor’easter washed most of the colorful leaves off the trees. They mat on the sidewalk and street ready to catch any wind when they dry off. We are steaming towards the darkest time of the year and the best time to stay indoors and write. Next month is November, NaNoWriMo month. Prepare so that when the first arrives you will have thoughts in your head to start writing “The Great American Novel.”

Or write a poem every day to keep your metaphors going. Write a novel in verse like Vikram Seth did,  “The Golden Gate.”

Beginning December 3, 2014 I am offering a number of workshops on the pleasures of poetry at the Lunenburg, MA Library at 6pm. Older teens and adults are welcome-free of charge, but a commitment to the workshops is requested.

Call or visit the Library for more information.

About versealive

Founder of the Louise Bogan Chapter of the Massachusetts State Poetry Society, grandmother of five budding poets, and married to Richard who writes poems for birthday parties.
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